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Way Back When® Educational Board Game Makes Learning Fun

Journey back in time ....Players travel through five periods of early U.S. history; Explorers, Civil War, American Colonies, American Revolution, and Constitution. Way Back When® in History engages students of all ages, educators, adults, parents, and anyone who enjoys American history in a challenging and fun experience remembering U.S. History.

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Customer Review 

"I love that this integrates well with things they have learned, or will learn. It is a great way to review and take pieces of information they have learned into a different context." - Homeschool Family


Test your American History Knowledge 

Review the sample questions at the right to test your knowledge. Click on "Get the answers" to review the answers. 

Way Back When in History game board

Question Card


Question: Where was the formal term 'United States of America' first used?

Civil War

Question: Did the North or South wear gray uniforms?

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