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About StarGames Inc.

Our goal

The corporate vision is to be the provider of choice for recreational and educational products that entertain and make the learning experience fun. We do this by creating educational tools that encourage learning and social interaction in a fun environment. Adults, students of all ages, and those who have a passion for history are learning and remembering in a unique and interactive way.

Way Back When® in History launched into the marketplace in December 2006 and reaction from educators, adults, parents and students of all ages is that the game is a superb and fun learning tool.

Retail Locations

During the first year in the marketplace this newly created board game has gained recognition and placement in premier cultural locations across the country including:

  • Newseum, Washington, DC
  • Gettysburg Museum, Gettysburg, PA
  • Independence Visitors Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • Lincoln Museum, Springfield, IL
  • Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, CT
  • The Gallery at York Hall, Yorktown, VA
  • Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA
  • Historic Jamestown Museum, Jamestown, VA
  • GameDaze,  Eight locations in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona    

Contributing to our Communities

StarGames Inc. is proud to partner with organizations to raise funds that contribute back to the communities where we live. A portion of game sales is given to the organizations that participate in Way Back When® in History fundraising programs. The corporation is committed to promoting positive, quality endeavors in our local neighborhoods and welcomes opportunities abroad.

Way Back When…In the Beginning

The idea for creating a game arose from our founders' interest in American history and a passion for life long learning. The pioneer concept of a board game coupled with an alternative teaching medium brought on a unique challenge. Using resources including curriculum textbooks and The Library of Congress, the concept developed into the Way Back When® prototype. The game is well received in premiere cultural locations along the east coast, educational conventions, and among friends, Way Back When® is now available for educators, students, parents, family and friends!


“I like the Way Back When® game because it’s challenging and really makes me think.”
– 5th grade student, Wisconsin

"It's a lot of fun, no matter how old you are. Take a trip back in U.S. history!"
– Adult, Tucson Arizona

“This game is easy for kids to learn and fun to play, plus it gives adults a challenge...we don't know as much American History as we think!”
– Parent, Des Moines Iowa

Question Card

American Colonies

Question: The first national governing body in the American Colonies was called _______________ .

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