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Way Back When® in History Game

The Way Back When® game questions and answers are aligned with the National Education Standards for Social Sciences: U.S. History, grades 5-12. Topics included in the game are exploration, colonization, revolution, political and religious cultural changes and social institutions that emerged in the early Americas. Ages 8 and up find the game challenging and a fun way to remember U.S History!

Coming soon!

StarGames is currently at work on a question and answer card set for ages 5 to 8. This expands the ages that can play and enables a mix of younger and older age groups to play together or separately. What would you like to see us develop?  Send us your suggestions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Playing the game

The object of the game is to be the first player, or team of players, to successfully journey Way Back When in History and arrive at the American Flag.
How to play:
Roll the bouncing die and answer questions correctly to travel through history from the Early Explorers through the Civil War time periods.
Way Back When in History game board

Question Card


Question: The Americas were named after what famous Italian mapmaker and explorer?

American Colonies

Question: The Pilgrims signed an agreement to set up self-government and fair laws before departing the Mayflower. What was this agreement called?

American Revolution

Question: True or False: The French and Indian War was between the French and the Indians?


Question: Where was the formal term 'United States of America' first used?

Civil War

Question: Did the North or South wear gray uniforms?

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